Canadian wood sculptutor and artist, Alan Boileau was born in Kitchener, Ontario and now lives in Kelowna B.C. Here he is surrounded by the landscape, lakes and forests that inspire his beautiful works of art. Over time Alan’s talent as a woodworker merged with his artistic vision, and he developed a technique to create his wood wall sculptures. He focuses on the sculptural effect of this unique medium to create highly textural and tactile pieces, full of rich color and character. Inspired by the textile patterning of Gustav Klimt and other early impressionist painters; Boileau’s fascination with shape is evident in his ornate clothing and accessories that layer so well in his sculptural medium. Relief can be made the focus or simply an enhancement as is the case with Boileau’s figurative and still life images. In contrast, texture and shadows become integral when we study his more abstract works of art.

Every week, he celebrates creating a new color, another style of shoe or the perfect face. Alan’s studio is a very lively and energetic space that fuels some of the most visually stimulating artworks of its kind. Alan is also an accomplished athlete who has influenced numerous commissions in public buildings and professional sports facilities. His love of music, theatre, architecture is also reflected in his work. Large or small scale, Alan’s work is housed in many private and celebrity art collections and is sold through prominent galleries throughout North America.

Boileau has created numerous installation pieces for public spaces as well as working with many designers, architects and collectors.